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Rick & Clara West

Rick was born in Gnaw Bone, Indiana and came to know the Lord at age six in the Gnaw Bone Wesleyan Church.  Clara was born in Brazil, Indiana and gave her heart to the Lord when she was nineteen in the Jackson Street Wesleyan Church.  Rick and Clara met while preparing for missionary service at Frankfort Wesleyan Bible College and were married in 1969.  Following three years as pastor in Indiana, Rick and Clara were Wesleyan missionaries in Peru, South America from 1975-1994.  Rick was appointed as Area Director for Latin America & Global Partner Caribbean from 1995-2008, resident in Costa Rica, 1997-2004.  From 2008-2016, Rick was the coordinator for what became the Ibero-American Wesleyan Provisional Conference in 2016.  Currently, their ministry focus is the country of Cuba and serving as a mentor to Latino leaders and Global Partners missionaries in various Spanish speaking countries.  Rick and Clara are members of College Wesleyan Church, Marion, Indiana.  The West’s have four adult children and ten grandchildren.  Their life verse is: Revelation 7:9.


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