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Small Groups provide an opportunity to deepen your love and commitment to God.  Here at CrossPoint, we have opportunities for you to connect with others through many different small groups, studies and classes for adults.  These studies teach you to grow in your spiritual journey as well as participate in Christian fellowship with one another outside of Worship.  Please look under the categories for topics that interest you.  We hope that one will match your needs.
In a large population, creating a sense of community and connecting with others is important.  In the church, it’s crucial.  Recognizing that relationships thrive in an environment of intimate connection, common experience and genuine sharing, our Small Groups provide a way for people to connect to the larger community of CrossPoint.    Small Groups are small groups within the church in which people find a place to “learn” as they study the scriptures, become actively “involved” in the Body of Believers and growing the Kingdom of God, “fellowship” with other Christians and “encouraging” one another in their spiritual journey.
A Small Group is small in number, usually consisting of no more than 12 to 14 people.  We believe that as we put our spiritual gifts together, we become more than the sum of our parts.  We become positioned to do the very thing Jesus commanded us, which is to grow in our capacity to love, to invest in the lives of others and expand His Kingdom here on earth.  Supported by mutual prayer, the study of Scripture and the wisdom and compassion of those making similar journeys, our daily challenges come into perspective.  Developing friendships, meeting the needs of others, putting faith into action, and serving beyond ourselves is the hallmark of a Life Group.
If you want to become a Small Group leader or get connected with one of our small groups, please contact Roger Rehm, Director of Adult Discipleship , at 610-866-1388.
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