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  • Resurrection Life-NYC
  • Reach Boston
  • Rev. Darwin Tsosie, Pastor of Red Rock Wesleyan Church, Arizona
    Pastor Darwin is a Navajo pastor ministering to his growing Navajo congregation in a remote area of the reservation.  He and his wife, Ann, passionately seek to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Navajo language to their people and to model and teach the Christian way of living.
  • Mission Trips  The domestic/cross- cultural team responds to natural disasters like hurricanes, flooding and tornadoes across the US with mission trips to aid in emergency response.  Our teams have served along side of World Hope International, Poured Out and Habitat for Missions.  Our teams also have helped build or repair homes and churches in NYC, Arizona and in North Dakota.  While serving in the continental US, these mission trips have impacted a wide variety of cultures, languages and people groups.
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